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State Testing Information


Dear Cleveland Preparatory Academy Families,

During the weeks – April 5th – May 14th, we will be administering the AIR Test for traditional, hybrid and virtual students in grades (3 – 8). Ohio Department of Education requires for all students to take the AIR assessment. The AIR assessment is computerized and will contain a variety of multiple choice questions, extended response questions, and short answer questions. All assessments will be given in a 2 ½ – 3-hour block beginning promptly at 9:00 am at the school.


2020 – 2021 AIR Traditional and Hybrid Student Testing Schedule

Reading (Traditional and Hybrid (3rd – 8th) Students only) – Week of April 5 – April 12
Math (Traditional and Hybrid (3rd – 8th) Students only) – Week of April 26 – May 3
Science (Traditional and Hybrid (5th and 8th Students only) – May 12
*All students will remain at school to finish their regular academic schedule*


2020 – 2021 AIR Virtual Student Testing Schedule

Reading (Virtual (3rd – 8th) Students only) – Week of April 13 – April 20
Math (Virtual (3rd – 8th) Students only) – Week of May 4 – May 11
Science (Virtual (5th and 8th Students only) – May 13
Student Drop-off – 8:30 a.m.  – Student Pick-up – 12:30 p.m. *
*All students are to be picked up from the school after completion of test*


Parent FAQ’s


What do I need to do?

Traditional and Hybrid Families:  Make sure to bring your student to school on the scheduled date and time. Drop them off no earlier than 7:30 a.m.  We will be utilizing the school chrome books for testing in our computer lab. The school will provide breakfast and other helpful resources in preparation for the test.

Virtual Families Only: Make sure to bring your student to school on the scheduled date and time. Drop them off no earlier than 8:30A and they must be picked up by 12:00 p.m. so we can clean the area for the next group. Your student doesn’t need to bring their Chromebook; we will be utilizing the school chrome books for testing. The school will provide breakfast if needed and a lunch to go with them when they finish testing.


How are these tests different from our previous state tests?

Whereas our previous state tests were primarily multiple-choice, OST tests were designed to go beyond simple memorization and regurgitation of facts.  The OST offers more sophisticated questions that ask students to think critically and go deeper in their reasoning.


What can my child and I expect from these new assessments?

Because the new standards set higher expectations for students—and the new tests are designed to assess college- and career-readiness using the standards as a benchmark—expectations for student achievement are higher than they used to be.  For the first few years, it is likely that fewer students will score at the higher achievement levels on the assessments. This does not mean that our students are doing worse than previous years, but rather the scores represent a new baseline that provides a more accurate indicator for educators, students, and parents.


Test Taking Tips for Children

  1. Make attendance a priority on test day and the days leading up to it.
  2. Put the test dates up around the house so everyone is aware.
  3. Encourage them ALWAYS. Tell them to do THEIR best!
  4. Be assured that where accommodations are called for they will be met. We all win when the students are able to be their absolute best!
  5. Set a bedtime and STICK TO IT! Don’t underestimate the importance of a rested mind & body!
  6. Make sure they have enough time to wake up fully before heading out to school. Get the brain juices time to get moving!
  7. Provide a high protein, healthy, low sugar breakfast for them. (We’ve got your back!) Kids learn better on a full stomach, but not when its full of sugar, it will make them sleepy quickly!
  8. Talk to them about how the test went. What could they have done differently? Encourage them as many of them have more than one tested subject to conquer!
  9. HUG THEM and tell them that Principal Williams and the CLPA Team Love them!


*Letter and communication sent out on March 22, 2021 via email and mailed home to all CLPA Virtual families *


Download Traditional and Hybrid Letter (PDF) »

Download Virtual Letter (PDF) »